The Runners

A closely chosen collection of 500 Runners, risking it all in a race to the top. Each piece is 1:1 unique by artist Muralnets.

Every NFT was meticulously crafted through prompts translated by AI and then further developed using traditional techniques. Resulting in a tightly curated collection of art that's truly unique, and a piece that holder's are proud to show off digitally as a PFP or printed art on their walls.

Holders receive additional community benefits such as: access to exclusive Discord channels, priority access to future releases, upcoming airdrop, with much more to come.

Our Story

RISK RUNNERS is Muralnets first on-chain NFT project.

After finding out that the unfinished art drafts were stolen and sold on OpenSea. Muralnets moved quickly to get the scam collection delisted and rallied together the affected community. This experience ultimately motivated Muralnets to diligently finish the collection and release it to the early supporters and avid collectors.

Our story is just beginning, and at it's core this project aspires to push the boundaries between human and AI assisted creativity, from art and fashion, to music and gaming, this collection serves as the foundation to building an immersive web3 experience. Our vision will be developed and tracked through achievable milestones or "Seasons"

We also strive to give opportunities to creatives in the community, deeply believing that AI tools will spur the next generation of storytellers. Our studio will incubate and invest in these storytellers, offering guidance and resources to launch their own collections.

Join Us

Become a part of a growing community of collectors and unlock additional Runner exclusive benefits.